Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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Ritu Bala

Weekly colors

As in my earlier posting I have told you about weekly colors that which color will be best for which day of the week. Please visit my website and to know more about it .

Weekly colors

Vastu - Astrology - colors for everyday

In vastu as well as astrology colors play an important role.Every day of the week is assigned with a particular color. It is as per the God of that day. This, very few people know, that if we wear the dress of that particular color on that day then it will be very beneficial for them.But before telling u more on this let me tell you that besides this one has to see that the lord of that day is favourable for you or not.For this you must consult an astrologer.But this is being practised by our old sages, and is being passed on from generations to generations.I myself had found it effective.You can also try.
  •  Mondays wear white clothes.
  • Tuesdays wear red clothes or shades of red.
  • Wednesday wear green colored clothes or any shade of green
  • Thursday wear yellow colored clothes
  • Friday wear pink or light shades of red,purple, with mixture of white and light blue also.
  • Saturday wear black or dark shades of blue
  • Sunday wear red, orange and shades of red.
  Apply this in your life and you will see it works.I will be glad to receive the feedback from you all.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vastu- Its basis- Vastu purush (vastu man)

Vaastu means site, the site for building a house, or a dwelling. Vaastu comprises of house with site and its environment.Vastu purush is the basis of vastu. According to vastu purush we decide how things are to be kept in a house and how a house should be constructed.It is very important part of vastu shastra. We cannot ignore it. If one understands vastu purush, then it is easy to understand the logic behind Vastu, which is being practiced from thousands of years.It is found that it works like a magic.If one follows the rules of vastu then health, wealth and prosperity can easily be archived.

To know more on the topic please read my article on my website and, in Vastu articles.So that you know why which direction of ur house should be kept light.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Colors - Vastu

As I had already mentioned in my earlier posting that each color has its own significance, but it is not necessary that all colors may suit everyone for wearing.To see that a particular color is favourable and matches your personal color,  you must consult an astrologer.You should also know that which colors are favorable for you and which are not.This should specially be done for wearing a color,but while doing vastu you can use use even those colors which are not very  favorable to u but are cardinal to that direction. As in Vastu, there are many things that have to be taken into consideration, before selecting a color. There are different colors for different rooms and different directions. Also there are are different colors for different days.Astrological aspect is also taken into consideration before recommending any color.  In my future postings I will be throwing more light on these subjects.

To read about which color is cardinal for which room visit my website and

Sunday, April 27, 2008


    As I had earlier also mentioned about colours, which play an important role in the life of a person. Colours inspire our emotions and so every colour governs an emotion. Red colour symbolises justice, Pink & Green convey vitality, White colour is symbol of pureness & Black denotes depth & grandeur.  Besides these colours blue represents growth & hope, Yellow gives us tolerance, wisdom & patience.Brown symbolises depth & elegance.Orange depicts happiness and power.  Besides this there are other colours, each having it's own importance. So before selecting a colour we must  take it into consideration all aspects and then only choose the proper colour, whether it  is for a dress or for a room or anything else. Think before selecting any colour

To know more about colours visit my Websites:
and read under free colour tips.

Ritu Bala
astrologer & vastu consultant

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Saggittarius and health-Astrology

I have posted a new article in my website and  in the series of zodiac signs and health.In this series please read my new article on sagittarius and health. Hope you all will like it.

Ritu Bala

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Vastu has a scientific reason behind it.It is not a religious document as many people think that it is only for indians or hindus etc.I want to tell my readers that it has a scientific rationale behind it.As earlier also I had mentioned about it, that all the principles of vastu and theory of vastu- purush has a logic behind it.For example if you are having pain in your feet then you need to check the feet area of vastu purush(vastu man). There must be some heavy thing on that portion,which must be causing pain in your feet or in the feet of your family member.Its so on.In my vastu articles I will also try to explain all these basics to you all,besides the remedies.Keep reading my Vastu articles on my website and also visit my other website www, .For latest articles please keep visiting my website and read the articles.Thanks.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lights and Vastu

Lights in our houses or offices or shops play an important role in our life.If there were no lights than life would have been difficult.So,lights play an important role in our life.A person gets puzzled before lighting each room.Proper lights should be given in each direction as it affect our eyes.
Eyes work best when it gets proper lightning.
There are 3 types of lightning.
1. General lightning - it is mainly meant  for illumination.
2.Task illumination -It is meant for special purposes like reading or highlighting a painting etc.
3. Accent lightning - it is meant for different types of mood.In a room there can be two or more than two types of lightning.
  Every room should have a proper lightning. It should be according to the requirement and also keeping in mind that a poor lightning can damage your eyes.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

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Friday, April 18, 2008


This blog is dedicated to spreading of knowlege about Astro, Vatu & Fengshui. Our aim is to help people & bringing prosperity in their life by solving their problems through astrology, vastu & fengshui. Contact for Consultancy - /

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chinese Astrology - Your Zodiac Sign

All those who are not not aware of the chinese zodiac in which they were born or want to know that what is your chinese zodiac, they can all write their date,month and year  of your birth and I will tell you that in which chinese zodiac you fall.So send your queries to know your Chinese Zodiac.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Tiger Year

To read more about the characteristics of people who fall in this Tiger year,please read my blog and for more information visit my website - and

Ritu Bala

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Third year of chinese astrology  is Tiger year.The persons born in this zodiac are brave,active,eager for success  but are hot tempered.They are proudy but at the same time they are very simple also.They are Lucky persons but they also face bad luck.They like their praises, but dislike defeat.They start new  plans without proper planning. When they do not get  success, they leave their plans in between.They are broad minded people.They take high risks in life.But usually at old age they face many problems. They are individualistic type of people.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Fengshui Tips -For Dating after Divorce

Divorce is a very common matter,these days.People especially in european countries often come to me with the question, that what they should do after divorce.They want to remarry.But still face few problems.Here are few fengshui tips for those interested in dating after divorce.-

  •  They should clean out their bedroom  properly.All old things should be removed from the drawers, closets etc.The room should be emptied.
  •  The room should be cleaned with natural cleaners.
  • Cleaning  the room will remove the negative energies of their ex-spouse and  this will  clean all the old  quarrelling residue. If  not cleaned this negative energy can linger on for years, in the room and will not the other relationship to prosper.
  • Removing of negative energies can be done by  ringing a bell, clapping loudly or by  burning incense.
  • Change the paint of the room or re-paint it.
  • Donate old bed sheets and mattresses
For more details You can visit me through my websites - and

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dreams Prediction

Please visit my blog or my websites to read about dreams prediction.It reveals the fact that what does each dream mean.

Websites - and

Dreams Prediction

We often see a dreams. At times we feel happy after seeing a particular dream, but on the other hand we sometimes get up in anxiety and are worried about certain things. Many times dreams are result of our preconceived notion. But it is found that they often are indications of what will happen in future. All we need to know is what is the meaning of these dreams.Lot of research is done in this field.Astrologers have found that viewing following things in your dreams mean -

1. Angels -viewing angles  means protection from harm.

2. Army-An overpowering force indicates that you feel you are on your own and against all others. You are outnumbered and feel pressured

-Indicates issues of control and restraint. Some aspect of yourself may have been prevented from fully developing. Alternatively, it may represent feelings of guilt.

4.Accident- If you had dream about an accident, it is a warning to pay due attention to a certain situation in your real life before it gets out of control.

5.Achievement-Dreaming of an achievement, denotes that you will be greatly satisfied with the outcome of a situation or project work in your hand. The bigger the achievement, the greater satisfaction.

These are interpretation of few of the dreams.To know more about dreams visit my website - and by
Ritu Bala
Astrologer and Vastu consultant
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Read my new post of Vastu on doors and windows


As we all know that doors and windows are meant to provide light and fresh air to the the rooms.The doors also provide passage to the house and rooms.The positive vibrations entering from different directions can be harnessed if they are not properly placed.The size of the doors,their total number,fitting of cracked or broken glass panes all have a bearing on the peace and tranquility of the inhabitants.Even the creaking sound produced by the doors and the windows is not a good sign.We must oil the hinges regularly to avoid it.

Besides this there are many things that must be taken into consideration while making a house .And once you have made a house then also there are many things that should be kept in mind.If you are residing in a residence already made by someone then there are many remedies that one can do in order to remove the negative energies.For this proper consultation is required.

To know more about doors and windows, please visit my website - and Vastu articles.For personalised queries consult me by filling the details given in contact form.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mantras and Yantras

Mantras are scared words which help in wading off the evil effect of a particular planet.By chanting or listening to mantras, we bow with respect to the lord of that particular planet and seek their blessings, as per Hindu mythology.Different Yantras are meant for solving different problems.There are different yantras for removing the evil effect of different planets.Yantras are activated by mantras.

For more details please visit my website  and also visit for knowing about other aspects of astrology,vastu and fengshui.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Gayatri Mantra -MAGIC MANTRA

In Indian mythology "GAYATRI MANTRA",has lot of mythological significance.Listening to it can help you out of  your problems.From ancient times its importance is mentioned and written in religious books of Hindus.It is proved that if a person chants this Mantra everyday for 108 times, it gives a power,  which is produced by the ry them of these mantras., which gives a inner healing and  helps a person out of all the problems.It is said that when you are in any trouble chant this mantra or hear to it every day,this will  give u inner guidance and help u out of the problem.It is a magic mantra.See the magic yourself. Chant it or hear to it everyday.It is not a song -a mantra-a magic.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Vastu -Staircase

Most houses have stairs.But before building a staircase there are many things that one should keep in mind.

Stairs should never be in north - east sector of the house.  Otherwise it will bring tension among the family members.

The stairs should not touch east or north wall.Avoid touching north or east wall.

The total number of stairs should also be taken into consideration before building the stairs.
It should always be odd.

If the stairs are straight it is best that it touches west or south walls .

It should be clockwise.

If other things regading stairs will not be kept in mind then this small thing can bring many problems in the house.

To know more about positioning,direction,material to be used and numbers in detail
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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Love is essence of life.Without love life has no meaning.Similarly if love is missing in a married life then there is no meaning to that marriage.So in order to maintain the marriage love is essential.To see that love is maintained between 2 persons we must keep in mind the following things.

1. First of all it is necessary to see their compatibility directions.
2.We must see the element to which they belong.
3. Hang a painting of peony flowers on the southwest wall.
4.One should not sleep under the beam.
5.Do not present a rose with thorns.

For any problems related to love or marriage-Pl consult me through my websites- or

Tuesday, April 1, 2008





Do you know that a mole on either of your cheeks could classify you as serious, studious and solemn? The study of moles is called Moleosophy.
The location of a mole, its size, shape and color can be interpreted as indicators of your character, as well as generalities for the future. Twin moles could have yet another connotation. Moleosophy, when co-related with interpretations of other psychic sciences, substantiates personality and character readings, and provides a complete view of the subject.

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Ox is the second zodiac sign of Chinese astrology. Next year will be Ox year. It will start from - 26 Jan 2009 and will be till 13 Feb 2010. Its element will be Earth. Elements of each zodiac keeps chainging every year.
Those born in the Ox Zodiac are mostly  hardworkers..They are solid and of peaceful nature. One can rely on them.They are innocent.They have good management skills,so they are successful in it.Though they are not  very much creative, but they find their own way.They can become good musicians,if they want.They are not much romantic in nature.They cannot tolerate others .Also, they cannot forget the dishonesty of others.They hate dishonesty. But as they are of tolerant nature,they do not show it openly.Due to Their tolerant nature they are usually popular.

To know that who all fall under which Chinese year of astrology please visit my and  and read the fengshui article.


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