Monday, December 22, 2008


As per  fengshui there are many things that we can keep in our house to bring good luck for children, but the most important thing is keeping education tower on the study table. Those children who are not very keen or serious about studies, this education tower helps them in their concentration. This education tower should be kept on the North - East corner/direction. Pyramid like the Pagoda are useful for this purpose . The students must write and paste the following lines in their study room which often remain in front of their eyes.
- "failure means there is an error or deficiency in ther efforts of success - try to find it"
- "You  can do anything , i am confident about it, the success is waiting for you."
- "You must remeber and kep in your mind about your mission, your objectivewhile sleeping and working then you can achieve success."
Ritu bala

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


As also told earlier that south west is the direction for making Kitchens. If kitchen is in south east direction then  you will see that the members of that family will be healthy.This is the best direction as it brings in prosperity too

As south east direction is the direction of keeping fire so water should not be kept in that place. While cooking you must always face towards east.

 Kitchen should never be near the toilet or under the toilet as it brings in negative energy.

The colors that should be used in a kitchen are orange, yellow, red etc. Black color should never be used in the kitchen.

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Fwd: Vastu tips for a kitchen that bring prosperity


According to Vastu Shastra, the lord of 'Agni' (Fire) prevails in south-east direction. So ideally the kitchen should be located in south-east of the home. The second best option is north-west part of the home. The stove should be placed in south-east direction of the kitchen so that the cook may face east direction while cooking.

East quadrant is considered an excellent location for kitchen because this area brings prosperity. South-east is the best direction for the kitchen. North quadrant is second option and north-west is direction. In diagonal plots, avoid north quadrant which has ill effects on female members. West quadrant gives average results for kitchen. The kitchen should not be placed under or above Pooja Room, Toilet or Bed Room. The following table summarizes the effects of different locations.

 Direction   Result  Effects
 South-East  Excellent   Brings prosperity
 East  Average  Affects mental peace
 North-West  Average  Increases expenditure
 Southwest  Not Good  Fear of thefts
 West  Not Good  Affects mental peace
 North  Not Good  Can cause conflict among family members
 North-East  Extremely bad  Curtail peace and mutual love
 South  Extremely bad  Can Cause serious damage

Let's discuss the directions of various items of the kitchen in detail.

The Entrance: Entry door of kitchen should be in the East, North or West. The door of kitchen should not be in any of the corners.

Cooking Gas: The gas stove should be in southeast corner, a few inches away from the wall. It should not be in front of the main door of the kitchen. Gas stove or any other cooking material should be placed in such a way as allows the cook to face only towards the East while cooking. If the lady faces west while cooking, it may lead to health problems. Cooking with face towards the south may lead to financial problems in the family. No shelf should be placed above cooking gas.

Dining in Kitchen:
The food should never be served at the dining table placed in the center of the kitchen. Dining table should be placed in north-west corner of the room. One should only face towards east or north while taking food for good digestion.

Gas Cylinder: Gas Cylinder should be kept in south-east. Empty Cylinder should be kept in south-west.

Refrigerator: The direction of refrigerator should be in south-east, south, west or north direction. Refrigerator should not be in north-east direction. If the refrigerator is in south-west direction, it should be a feet away from corner otherwise it always gets out of order.

Electric Equipments: Heaters, conventional ovens, micro-waves ovens should be placed in south-east or south side of the kitchen; never in north-east portion.

Sink: Sink (wash basin) should be in north-east corner as far as possible. 

Storage: The storage racks should be made on southern or western wall Essential commodities like boxes of grain, spices, pulses, etc. should be in south or west direction. The water source including pitcher, water filter, etc. may be kept in north-east.

Flooring: Ceramic tiles, mosaic, marble are good choices for kitchen flooring. Ceramic tile flooring is recommended to accommodate Indian conditions as it is stain-free, dust-free and scratch resistant.

Windows: There should be one or two windows or air holes in the east direction of the kitchen. An exhaust fan in the East is good.

Color Scheme: The color of floor and walls should be yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red.  It should not be black as far as possible.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


As Christmas time is around so I wish all my friends a very very Happy Christmas....
Here are some fengshui tips for you all for better luck and few things you must take care of while working

1. While working always keep in mind that the space around you is neat and clean.and well organized.

2. It is important to see that in which direction is the window of that room.If the window faces south direction then hang a red curtain on it.

3. If the window faces south west then hang a natural quartz crystal to enhance your social life.

4. Place fresh flowers on the left hand side of your table. This will stimulate the activity around. and also flowers removes negative energy around and brings in positive energy.

5. Lights play an important role in energizing the area. Wherever possible allow natural  lights  to come in.

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I have also been providing home remedies about which many of my friends might not be knowing. This is a social service to help cure yourself at home with simple home remedies, which our ancestors used when medicines were not available. To preserve those tips and to help those who are unable to visit doctor and need immediate treatment can use these tips without any side effects.
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In last one year many of my friends were facing many health problem, so this website is also dedicated to help all my friends who are unable to get proper treatment in time. My aim is to help people and this is a small effort in this regard. Join hands with me and help friends and humanity at large.
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If you are in tension or you are mentally disturbed due to any problem in your life then the first thing you should do is to look around and judge the decoration of your room, office or home. As I had told you earlier also that in which direction which items are to be kept. You can also consult my websites or and read the articles in which placement of different items is written.
 At times knowingly or unknowingly we keep things in wrong direction. So firstly check it out. Then enhance your lucky direction and place the items accordingly so as to bring in positive energy.
Also check the doors and windows of the room. They should not be behind your seat. If you cannot shift or change the position then put heavy curtains on the doors or windows. Even while sleeping it is advisable not to sleep in front of a door.

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