Saturday, June 28, 2008



Colors play an important role in every persons life.All colors have their own importance in life. Green and Yellow colors play an important role in solving health problems.

Green color is good color and it helps in alleviating problems related to heart, blood pressure , ulcers, flu, headaches and is very soothing. It is mentally relaxing  as well as physically. It also helps those suffering from depression,mental problems like  anxiety, epilepsy, nervousness etc.

Yellow color can alleviate stomach problems, constipation digestive disorders,  stress and nervous disorders. It also  energizes like green color and helps in  relieving  depression. It also helps in improving  memory.It also helps in  stimulating  appetite etc.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Fengshui and your Kitchen

Kitchen is an important place in the house.To maint6ain balance of energies it is important that we take care of small - small things which we usually neglect.

 Kitchen always indicate two elements i.e. wealth and health. Health includes our vital energy.If we do not take proper care of our kitchen then many  such problems are bound to come in our life.We must take care of our kitchen.Balance of energies is must  (Chi).

 Here are some simple solutions for managing your kitchen as well as your energies-

1. Keep your kitchen neat and clean. As dirty or cluttered kitchen gives a negative effect on our health.
2.Empty the garbage regularly otherwise it brings negative chi (energy)
3. Donate cookware and old gadgets that you don't use.this will make kitchen spacious.
4. Avoid keeping junk food.Eat fresh food as much as possible.
5. Avoid using harmful chemical products for cleansing purpose.
6. Rotate and use all your burners.stove should be in good working condition.
7.Conserve water. Taps should not be leaking. If taps leak it means your wealth is draining away.So fix all your taps.
8. while cooking your back should not be towards the door.Otherwise you may have backaches. mirrors are used to rectify this problem. It also increases good fortune.
9. Kitchen should be well lightened.It will boost the energy.
10. Also proper ventilation should be taken care off. It is important for health.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


According to Feng-shui each direction belongs to an element and has a number, which is based on - 'Lo Shu'. Long ago a Chinese Emperor and his men were busy doing work connected with irrigation at the bank of yellow river, when suddenly a huge turtle came out of the river crawling up on the scene slowly. The King went near it. To his great surprise he found that on the back of the turtle was depicted a square with some figures on it. When counted vertically, horizontally or crossword the sum came to be 15. Thereafter Lo Shu, became china's miracle square. Thus Feng-shui is based on this Lo Shu grid, each representing a number and direction.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Moles mystery

Most of us have moles  in different parts of our body.These mole also have there own significance.They indicate those things which we often do not think of.As told to you earlier also all these moles have significance in our life.We must try and understand what they convey.To know more about every part of the body please visit my website Here are few parts of our body on which if we find a mole it  means -

People who have a mole on their forehead will be prosperous and well settled in life.
Those people who have a mole on their hand are talented and make a success of their lives.
People who possess a mole on their heel make enemies easily and are prone to losing friends.
If you have a mole on your right knee, it implies that you are a friendly person. A mole on the left knee signifies that these people lead an extravagant lifestyle.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vastu tips for office


1. Allow bright light to enter the main door.
2. All the  cash and the valuables should be kept in an Almiraha or a safe in the    south facing north.

3. North should not be blocked
4. A boring or a tube well in south is very harmful for matters related to finance.

5. An under ground tank or a pit in south is also very harmful for finance.

6. Certain pictures of God and goddess  brings financial gains.

These things should be considered even in homes but also in shops and offices.Failing which you may suffer lot of losses.To know more details please visit my websites and


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