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A very common item of fengshui and which is very popularly used by nearly everyone is wind chime.
Wind Chimes are an excellent source of enhancing good luck in your house. But number of rods and material of wind chime is very important. Besides it is equally important to note the place where a particular type of wind chime is placed. Wind chimes should not be placed anywhere in the house. Their location is very important.
Though the number of rods that will be helpful for you can't be said without knowing other details about you, but in general 6 to 8 rods are usually considered good.
The best location for hanging a six rod wind chime is in the north- west corner of your living room. As the governing element of this corner is metal and wind chimes are the symbol of metal. They are used here to increase the good luck and decrease the negative energies. In the same manner we should use ceramic wind chimes, in the place where earth is the element and wooden wind chimes where wood is the element, east.... Thus we see that by using the proper type of wind chime we can increase the good luck and the energies of that direction.
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Thursday, April 7, 2011



Here are some more important fengshui tips which

 will help you not only in bringing peace and

 harmony but will improve your health too. If

 these tips are followed then you can see the

 bring happiness & prosperity

1.Never place a mirror in front of you bed.

2. Do not use two separate beds. Husband and

 wife must use a single bed.

3. As due to your busy schedule people are often

 unable to finish there work and they often carry it

 to their homes, which is at times necessary. But

 never perform any professional work in your bed

 room.This is not at all auspicious. You must do

 this work in some other room if possible.

4. You should never keep an aquarium in your

 bedroom.Anything related to water should be

 avoided in the bed room.

5. No water should be kept ,especially in the south

 east corner of the room. As this causes fights in

 the in mates of the house.

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