Sunday, November 30, 2008


Indian Vedic Horoscope is not much understood by those knowing about sun sign. As I had also mentioned earlier that Indian vedic astrology is based on placement of moon at the time of birth. But those not knowing about Indian vedic horoscopes, as to how they are constructed and what all details are necessary for construction of Indian Vedic horoscope, I will tell you in brief.

A horoscope, is the construction of your birth chart , based on the  exact location of planets in the transit at the time of birth.So for constructing the horoscope, besides date of birth the place and time of birth are equally important. As  only then an individuals horoscope can differ from the other.
Therefore,  the Indian  vedic system of making horoscopes is  the most accurate and sophisticated method of making horoscopes and with the help of these horoscopes future  of a person can be predicted more accurately.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Terrorism in India. Just like 9/11 . Also thanks to all my friends for their concern

India was hit by worst act of terrorism on 26/ 11,  when terrorist attacked Mumbai , the western part of India. Many people died and still many are fighting for their lives in different hospitals of Mumbai. Three top most officers died in this attack in encountering them. Many other soldiers and commandos died in this attack. Worst was when they attacked the main railway station. In two five star hotels they occupied the whole floor and upper part was burning with flames. They captured many families in another guest hose. The whole act was shocking for the whole nation. It is just like  USA  went through  on 9/11.

I am thankful to all my friends who had send messages to me asking about my welfare. I am absolutely fine and am very glad to have such caring friends. I and my family are all safe and sound. We are still in a state of shock ....Everyone is worried about those who were their and as this is still going on.....Let's pray it stops soon.

 The terrible incidence of terrorism has shocked us all.  We sincerely pray for all those brave soldiers who lost their life in this operation. My sincere prayers are also for those who lost their lives in this act of terrorism, without having any fault of theirs. We must stop this blood shed and let us all unite together and pray for all those who lost their lives and also those who are injured in this shameful act of terrorism. Let us all condemn this act.

May the soul of all these martyr's  rest in peace - Amen.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Plants have always fascinated man. Everyone likes plants. Choices of plants may differ, but nearly everyone likes plants.

In fengshui as well as in Vastu plants play an important role. You must have seen that when you are tired if you look at the plants they give you a sense of relaxation. In the same way plants bring in positive energy in your house if they are kept at proper place and  as per Vastu & fengshui. To bring in positive energy place pots of green plants on both the sides of your  entrance door. This will certainly be very beneficial for everyone.

Also while choosing the plants you must take care not to place keep thorny plants in your house as it brings in negative energy as well as  brings in bad luck. There are many such plants which you should not plant in your house. For details you can contact me also through my website & www.astrofutureinsight. Now you can also contact me through your gprs mobile, by just typing www.ritubalaastrology/mob

 Also,  there is an appeal to  everyone who can donate for helping the poor and needy ....please donate to help them. As winters are approaching and its cold outside.Many people sleep on streets without clothes. Recently we organised a camp and distributed clothes to them. But this is not enough, as we want to do lot more and this is very little.  We want to distribute blankets and  clothes for winters. So even a single dollar will be of great help for them. Extend your hand for help.......

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FENGSHUI TIPS / VASTU TIPS - For knowledge & education


North - East direction is associated with knowledge & education. As per Fengshui, element of this direction is earth. This area of the house as per vastu is considered as the head of vastu purush (vastu -man).  As this is the head of the vastu - purush, so it must be kept either empty or decorated with light things. No heavy item should be kept in this direction. People suffering from problems related to head must first of all check their north - east direction.  To improve the chi  of this area, i.e., positive &  energy,

For progress in education and their success enhance your north east corner. Use ceramic or porcelain items here.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Visit my Mobile Website

I am glad to inform you all that now you can access online astro & vastu services on your mobile phone also. Just log on in your gprs mobile phone and visit my mobile website
 I am also thankful to all my friends who extended their hands to help me in my mission and also those who wanted to but could not do so due to their circumstances. I am glad to have you all as my friends. Hope to help humanity at large. Help anyone you can and help humanity. Your extended hands to help them will bring happiness not only in their lives,but yours too.

Wish you all a very Happy weekend

Monday, November 10, 2008


  As some of you already know and have joined me, in my mission to help those who are really needy and poor. But there are many who really do not know about it. So let me tell you.
 I always cherished a dream to help those who are poor and needy. Long back I started this mission alone by helping them in whatever way I could. I felt happiness in my heart when I saw a smile on the faces of those who are deprived of these basic needs. Initially I helped them with clothes, food and money. Providing them with these basic needs. But  there is so much to do and this was only a drop of water in the ocean.Still I continued. Then I talked to some of my friends about it. They said they will help ....but even this is not sufficient. Then I launched a website to extend my hands for help. I am glad that some of my friends joined me in this mission.  Today I ask all my friends who feel that if they donate a penny it could mean a lot to someone....Then please donate whatever you can to help the poor people....
Have you ever thought that the amount of money u spend on your entertainment and if you curtail a little from it and donate it can bring smile on someones face and the blessings that will be given by him/ her will be more than anything you can get. PLEASE help me in my  mission as alone I can not do much. I need your help and support.... My website is -  www.freewebs/donate for poor
 You can also donate in my website  by clicking on the donation button in services & payment page and bring smile on many faces. HELP POOR ....This is a small effort from my side dreams are to help give them  proper health care and other basic needs too. Remember...PRAYERS GO UP AND BLESSINGS COME DOWN. Thanks for all your help and support.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Mars has changed its position in the transit today. It has shifted  from Libra to Scorpio..  As  Scorpio is ruled by Mars, so Mars is in its own house in the transit.
Mars is considered as malefic planet .  So the Scorpions might have a difficult time. They must control their anger. They must be careful from accidents too. It will be beneficial if you donate red cloth or any other thing which is of red color on Tuesday....This will also save you from  many health and blood related problems. All those in whose horoscope Mars is debilitated or is giving a bad or malefic effect, they must immediately consult an astrologer to get rid of the problems, that are about to come.. Also  those born in Aquarius, Taurus and Gemini  should be careful.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Read my latest articles on astrology, Vastu & Fengshui

I have posted new articles in my web blog  Latest article is on Vastu and read on fengshui and gemology too. Also you can visit it through my website  Wish you all a very Happy weekend too.The response and support I am getting from you is immense and I am thankful to you all ...all those who registered themselves in my blog and all those who visited and read them....Thanks my friends...Enjoy your weekend too

Monday, November 3, 2008


As also mentioned about many vastu tips...Here are few more for all those who are going to construct a house of their own.While constructing your own house you must keep in mind the following things-

1. South portion and south west portion of your house should be higher than the north or east direction. This means that North and north east portion should be lower than the south or south west portion.

2. The plot of the house should be in square or rectangular shape.It should not be in any irregular form. As irregular forms bring in bad luck, ill-health and results in many other problems.So shape of the plot plays an very important role in vastu.
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