Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FENGSHUI TIPS / VASTU TIPS - For knowledge & education


North - East direction is associated with knowledge & education. As per Fengshui, element of this direction is earth. This area of the house as per vastu is considered as the head of vastu purush (vastu -man).  As this is the head of the vastu - purush, so it must be kept either empty or decorated with light things. No heavy item should be kept in this direction. People suffering from problems related to head must first of all check their north - east direction.  To improve the chi  of this area, i.e., positive &  energy,

For progress in education and their success enhance your north east corner. Use ceramic or porcelain items here.

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BUGSEY S said...

What's the different between the Chinese Feng Shui than the Indian one? I know the Chinese "rules", is there any difference?

mary alice gerken said...

I am one of those that never cared about things like Feng Shui or others. My house is filled with things my late husband liked and those that I have added since. I do not like framed pictures but my walled are covered with pictures from calendars down through the years of birds, animals (mostly wolves) and christmas card covers I like. My living room has a 48" statue of David without fig leaf, crystal dragons, gargoyles. my cat collection and a large zodiac Aries (for my husband) and Capricorn (for me) As horned animals we got along great. We just learned that communication is the best way to settle any disagreements. Butting horns was not acceptable.

RituBala-Astrologer Vastu Consultant said...

Yes bugsey, there is a difference between vastu and chinese fengshui. But there are many similarities too. For all the details visit my website www.ritubalaastrology.com and read the difference mentioned there. You can also register yourself in my web blog www.ritubalaastrology.com/blog and get regular updates on astrology, vastu and fengshui. You can visit thru the links given above.


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