Tuesday, March 23, 2010


 Many times we wake up in the morning seeing some dream and then we keep thinking that what it meant.....so if you saw any of the following thing in your dream you will know what it means. Here are some more dream interpretations  as per astrology.

Stairs-To dream of climbing up a flight of stairs means the dreamer will experience a rise in social or financial status. Dreams of descending a staircase represent the dreamer's need to work through an old issue or situation. To dream of sitting on stairs suggests that you are having trouble deciding the right way to act in a situation, or are working on getting up the confidence to go forward in the way that you want.

Stars-Dreaming of stars signifies your desire for fame and fortune. Stars also represent fate and luck.

Steal / Stealing-If someone steals something from you in your dream, you are feeling a lack of emotional understanding or appreciation in your life. If you dream of stealing from a person or place you know, that is where you should look to for the emotional fulfillment you seek. Other dreams about stealing money mean someone you are interested in is not paying attention to you.

Stoplight-To see a stoplight in your dream suggests that you feel you are being held back from pursuing your goals. You may also feel pressure to succeed or else be left behind.

Store-To dream of a store filled with merchandise foretells prosperity and advancement. An empty store may mean arguments are coming your way.


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