Friday, July 15, 2011


As we all require wealth without which it is difficult to live in today's world.So I will give you some tips today on it can be attained. 
One such fengshui item is ship of gold coins.I have personally seen the effect of it. Keeping fengshui wealth ship in your home or office will bring you better wealth and fortune. If properly kept it brings good luck and wealth. But if it is kept in wrong direction you will face very bad consequences. So let me warn you all too about the use of this....Be very careful in placing it.Sailing ship is considered as a symbol of achievements in one's work and it gives success in business. Though you get gold ships in the market but if you make a sailing boat that is more effective. In fengshui besides energizing the wealth sector their are few very important items which helps in activating the wealth sector.
While placing the sailing ship be sure that the ship is sailing inside. It should be kept in such a way that it is sailing inside the house. But if it is kept in wrong position then you will have to face the bad consequences. The money will drain out of your house .
Another important thing to note is the type of model you choose to keep in your house. If you display a model of the ship like Titanic, which you all know sank ,then displaying such type of model may result in sinking of your business too. So it is important to choose the right type of model of sailing ship and it is good to keep some coins in it. If you get imitation gold coins then keep them in it but if you don't then keep other coins and money in it.
As we discussed earlier about the five elements and each direction has an element. So also take into consideration the direction where the door is and then keep the ship of that element in that place.
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