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Astrology for Woman

Astrology for Woman
Woman today have a dual role to play in their life. On one side they have to look after their family and on the other they have to see their career. They are worried about welfare of their family, husband, and children’s studies. Those not married about how their, would be husband be or about love marriage or compatibility. If married and not having children then about having kids. Those working are worried about their education, career, and promotions etc. An astrologer gives solution for all these problems. By reading the planetary position of stars, they can predict that whether the things will be in their favor or not. If not they can suggest simple remedies to overcome those problems.

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Why astrologer should be consulted -Espesially men

Astrology for Man
Everyone is worried about one thing or the other. Men may be worried about their job, business or promotions etc. They being the head of the family are worried about finances, debts and other problems related to money. Many men are also worried about their marriage, affairs, unsuccessful marriage, family problems, career, education ,health ,etc. Thus they have too much of responsibilities, and at times they feel where to look for solution to their problems. They must immediately consult a good astrologer, as only an astrologer knows about the planetary position of the stars, which would be affecting the life of individual and creating trouble for him in day today life. The Astrologer can give you the right remedial solutions to overcome from the bad affect of the stars

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Scorpio & Health

                                          SCORPIO & HEALTH
The Scorpio, is the second sign of the Water triplicity and it is the eighth tropical zodiac sign. This sign is very powerful, but also a secretive sign and it is ruled by Mars (action; passion) but now it is also considered to be ruled by Pluto (obstruction; transformation; regeneration). The key phrase for the Scorpio is "I desire".

The Symbols for Scorpio are the scorpion, a ground-dwelling killer with a poisonous sting in its tail and the eagle, a far-seeing predator soaring above petty problems into the spiritual sky. Scorpio's real involvement is not primarily based on love or even pleasure, but on the control and understanding of human emotions and the role they play in the mysterious processes of life and death.

Though Scorpio natives may not spend their lives pondering the mysteries of life and death, they are inquisitive and probing, fascinated with how things and people work. Mental and physical powers of recuperation are remarkable - and truly evolved (eagle) Scorpios can learn to use their power to help and inspire others.

Scorpio characteristically seeks to uncover the truth or to transform raw materials into things of great power and beauty. Relationships are not exempt from this probing, so anyone involved with the Scorpio type must prepare for profound changes in themselves, their mysterious partner and the relationship itself.
Secret Parts ruled by Scorpio
Each sign has an external, internal and structural ruler ship. Externally, Scorpio rules the nose and nasal bones, the pubic area and genital organs. Internally, it rules the gonads, hemoglobin, bladder, prostate, descending colon, sigmoid flexure and rectum. It has influence over the vocal cords and larynx. Structurally it rules the pubic bones, os sacrum, coccyx and nasal bones. This sign also influences the thymus and thyroid glands, liver, uterus, menstruation, sweat glands and the endocrine glands in general.

Scorpio rules the excretory system and the reproductive organs , so those with Scorpio active in their charts suffer headaches, infections and fevers, along with various illnesses to do with what used to be called the secret parts. Scorpio people have, however, a strong constitution and can usually overcome their problems, many of which are of their own making, due to their clandestine activities.

The Shades of Scorpio

Scorpio rules the colors red, black, violet and midnight blue. Scorpio people also respond well to the healing ray of emerald green.

The Birthstones for the Scorpio

The birthstone for Scorpio is the topaz. Scorpio also responds to the energies of alexandrite, bloodstone, iron and plutonium. Remember only to wear these stones if you want to bring their influence into your life. More about Gemstones & astrology.

Flowers and Herbs

anemone, heather, geranium, rhododendron, honeysuckle and gardenia; wormwood, horehound, blackthorn.

Bach Flower Essences

Agrimony (rose family)

Over indulgences, mental torture, worry, concealed from others, intoxicates to forget oneself.


Suffers bitterness and resentment from any adversity, self pitying, self justifying.

Homeopathic Remedy


Used in the treatment of coughs, earaches, menstrual disorders.

Metal: iron; plutonium

Cell Salt: calc sulph

Healing Musical Note: C

Healing Aromas

Black pepper, cardamom, coffee, ginger, hyacinth, hops, pennyroyal, pine, thyme, tuberose, woodruff.


Scorpios should avoid fatty, rich and intoxicating foods and drinks and benefit through a vegetarian diet.
Green ray foods like brown rice, millet, wheat grass, spinach, lettuce, celery, cucumbers, etc stabilize the Scorpion energies.
The Martian influence requires plenty of water and fresh vegetable juices and should avoid salt. Beneficial foods are cherries, oranges, lemons, asparagus and rhubarb.

Susceptible Areas: Breast, heart


· anemia in women;

· adenoids,sore throat, hay fever;

· profuse menstruation, painful and irregular menstruation, ovarian disturbances;

· diarrhoea, hemorrhoids;

· hypersensitivity; bladder problems, infections; obesity, diabetes;

· heart disease;

· genital infections;

· renal calculi.

Karmic Tendencies

Kidnapping, sexual abuse
conflict through transformation
revelation of secrets


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