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If you are facing financial problems,or if you have borrowed money from someone then do the following things.

First check your north portion. kitchen should never be in this portion of your house otherwise you will face lot of financial problems. 

Secondly check your south east direction. Avoid water points or any type of storage of water in this area. 

Thirdly, early in the morning after getting up give at least one handful of rise uncooked, to the birds, soon it will give you relief from the burden. Also on every amavasya or no moon day donate rice, sugar and eatables to feed at least one mouth. This will help you soon to get rid of your financial problem. 

 Place a plant of tulsi (basil) to avoid negative energies from entering into your house. This is also very effective in bringing positive energy in your house. So one must plant this in your house and keep it at the entrance.

 In order to get positive chi it is important to remove the clutter from your house, for good health of the inmates. .It is especially important to remove clutter from the center of your house. As all the areas of work are related to your health so it is very important that we keep the center of the hose, which is the heart, clean and clutter free.Though whole house should be clean and clutter free. 

Energize the south east portion of your house, by burning a lamp every evening. Place items related to money luck in this direction.
Take care of vastu of your house. If vastu is wrong then also you will face problems. 

Also check that your taps do not leak. As it leads to financial loss. So take care of all the above things. 

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Fengshui- Car color and you

Car and you-

Car has become a necessity in this today's modern world. Every one wants that their car should be lucky for them. Many times while going to buy a new car that which color car will suit them. 
Though there are different ways of taking out the best color that will suit you. but here we will give some general rules of choosing the color before buying a car. 
If your kua no is one then blue, black and green are best colors for your car.
If your kua number is 2 then best colour for your car is white, yellow, red.

If your kua number is 3, then best color for your car is Green, orange.

If your kua number is 4 then the best color for your car are, green, white, purple.

If your kua number is 5, then the best color for your car will be yellow, Tan, brown.

If your kua number is 6, then best suited colors for you are, Silver, white, grey.
If your Kua number is 7 then best suited colors for you are Metallic, black, blue colors.

If your Kua number is 8 then the best suited colors for you are yellow, brown and white.

If you Kua number is 9 , then , red, purple or white colored cars are best for you. 

So as per your kua number you must choose the color of your car. 
If you don't know your kua umber then consult to know that. Kua number is one's personal number, which helps a person in knowing his/ her lucky directions and also many things related to you. 

The other method for knowing your lucky number is just add the total of your birth date and the sum total you get is your lucky number. 

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It is often asked that which is the correct place of dining room and how a dinning table should be? Here is answer to all the queries related to dinning room.

 Dinning room should never be right in front of the main door. A partition or curtains should be put in between if it is right in front of the main door.

The dining room should be constructed in South-East direction. 

The dining room and kitchen should be on the same floor and it should be adjacent to the kitchen from the left. 

The entrance to the dining room and the main door should not be facing each other. 

The dining table should be square of rectangular in shape and should not be attached or folding against the wall. For more details 

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Place three Chinese coins tied together in a red ribbon inside the main door for good fortune. You can keep them in your purse also to improve your finances.These fengshui three lucky coins with mystic knot, they are also helpful in gaining finances as well as improving relations. These coins can be kept in your purse or cash box to improve your finances. If working in computer keep it under the computer. If you have a business then place it in cash box. Here note that if the coins are with mystic knot then it will help in improving relations also. You may also use six, seven or eight coins as all of these are considered lucky numbers.But always stick them with the yang side up i.e the side which has 4 chinese characters written should be above and visible and the other side with the two character should be below.This is the main thing to be taken care of, while placing the coins. If done otherwise then instead of bringing good fortune it will increase your expences. Many times due to this fault people say that we are not getting the financial benefit. So please do check this,it is very important.

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