Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Medical Astrology

Health has been nearly everyone's concern and with age health problems do start increasing. Medical astrology for human being, begins with the analysis of different  organs of a human body in respect to its dependence and influence of  various planets. As we know that every person does not have the same health problem even in same sun sign. It is because of the effect of placement of different planets in the horoscope.Here we have tried to differentiate our body into 12 parts and their dependence on different planets individually or collectively. Here I will be giving a brief description of the various parts of human body which are effected by the placement of various planets in our horoscopes. It is as follows:-

   1. Head & Brain - Mars

   2. Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat - Venus

   3. Heart & Lungs - Mercury

   4. Hands - Moon

   5. Upper abdomen - Sun

   6. Lower abdomen - Mercury

   7. Genital organs - Venus

   8. Rectum & Anus - Pluto & Mars

   9. Thigh - Jupiter

  10. Knee - Saturn

  11. Leg - Uranus & Saturn

  12. Feet - Neptune & Jupiter

 Thus we see that different planet has its effect on different part and the planet that will be debilitated in one's horoscope will give ill effect on that part of the body. If we know which all planets are debilitated and are having ill- effect we can reduce the health illness to quite an extent. To know which all are your debilitated planets and what one should do to reduce the intensity of that planet consult me  through my website

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Each and every color has its own effect on human psychology, Each color has its own meaning and I have studied over the years that they affect individuals in their own manner. Here I will try to tell in short how each color effects human psychology.
 Taking into consideration the color GREEN -
It is very soothing color. It gives a relaxing effect on human psychology. It helps in overcoming the depressions.You must have noticed that when you go to forests or are in your garden it refreshes your mind. Similarly use of green color is refreshing in the interiors of the house too. Taking into consideration the place for green color we can use different shades of green, as per our choice, to bring brightness in our home. It offers a sense of renewal, self control and harmony. But too much use of this color can also bring negative emotions in the house. So before using the colors the direction and amount of color to be used in the house should be taken into consideration. Its best to consult a vastu consultant before using the colors in your home.

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Karva Chauth is on 07th Oct. So I wish all my Indian friends who keep this fast for the long life of their husbands...a very happy Karva chauth.


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