Friday, January 30, 2009

BAD PHASE - Astrologically

As I had mentioned in my earlier blog that 26th was astrologically a bad day and even after that till 1st week of Feb time is not good. Unfortunately, I got news from different parts of the world that many people have lost their jobs. About 50 thousands of people lost their jobs.Many are having health problems and many have had incurred losses in their business. It is really sad when you hear such news. I wish people would have taken timely steps to  reduce their problems....
I hope and pray that still if timely steps are taken then one  can reduce their problem to quite  extent. ...
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I wish and pray for  the safety all of you ...

Monday, January 26, 2009

CHINESE NEW YEAR 2009 - I wish all my friends a very happy new year

I  want to wish all my Chinese friends a very Happy New Year...........
This year the Chinese New Year  falls on 26th Jan. The Chinese New Year is celebrated as the symbol of springs celebration. It is celebrated after the fall harvest and before the spring planting season. It varies every year.  For determining the date of the new year some astrological calculations are taken into account. Also, The date of the new moon is taken as the first day of the new year.
There are twelve animals of Chinese Zodiac viz. Rat, Ox ,Tiger,Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat/Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig/Boar. Each corresponds a direction in the compass.
This year 2009 Is Ox year. Those born in this year are reliable, logical and trust worthy, but have low public relation skills. They are at times stubborn too.
So I wish each and every one of you happiness prosperity and peace.....

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009 &
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Dear friends,  I really wish that this New year may bring happiness in everyone's life....... but planets keep changing and so does the fate....
On 26th Jan is no moon day. Many planets are conjunct in the zodiac Capricorn. There will be partial solar eclipse also in the afternoon on this date. This can be sen only at few places like India, Indonesia, Singapore, Burma, Hong kong,etc.

All this will leave some bad effect on all the zodiacs but especially on the zodiac signs,  Capricorn and  Cancer.

During this time people  should keep some patience.  Arguments and heated discussions should be avoided during this period. First three months  may be full of tensions for the  Capricorns and cancerians .For others also till mid of next month care should be taken. Health problems can occur during this time . It is better to take care.As prevention is better than cure...

It is  suggested that on 26 th Jan special prayers and donations should be offered. This will help in reducing the unnecessary tensions and health problems.

I hope this time passes off, peacefully for each and everyone of you.....
You all will be in my prayers too......

God Bless


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here are some more important fengshui tips which will help you not only in bringing peace and harmony but will improve your health too. If these tips are followed then you can see the bring happiness & prosperity

1.Never place a mirror in front of you bed.

2. Do not use two separate beds. Husband and wife must use a single bed.

3. As due to your busy schedule people are often unable to finish there work and they often carry it to their homes, which is at times necessary. But never perform any professional work in your bed room.This is not at all auspicious. You must do this work in some other room if possible.

4. You should never keep an aquarium in your bedroom.Anything related to water should be avoided in the bed room.

5. No water should be kept ,especially in the south east corner of the room. As this causes fights in the in mates of the house.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009


In this New year i wish u all the happiness in life and to  bring happiness in life here are some Fengshui tips for u all as New Year gift-

1. There should not be any obstruction outside your main entrance.
2. There should be no bathroom or toilet in front of the entrance.
3. There should be no mirror in the bedroom reflecting the bed.
4. There should not be many windows on the main entrance of the house.
5. Non- functional watches should not be kept in the house as these bring in negative energies.
6. Energies your south west area to bring harmony in relationships.

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