Friday, October 31, 2008


Just like in India, in Vastu, we have five basic elements air, fire, earth,water and space in the same manner,in China, in fengshui there are five basic elements viz. water, wood, fire, earth and metal.They consider these basic elements of nature as basic energies.This is one of the major difference in vastu and fengshui. With these five elements specific colors and directions are associated.Besides this balance of these five elements is very important. It should be in constructive manner.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I wish to thank all my friends for sending good wishes for me and my family. I could not reply to all my friends personally and I don't want to miss any any of my friend for all their good wishes and prayers they had sent my way. I also want to thank those friends who visited my page and did not leave their marks. But even if you don't feel like leaving your marks I am thankful to all for being with me, in this festive time,where friends are equally important like family.I am glad to have you all as my friends.......
Here are some common Vastu and fengshui tips which we often ignore. But They should always be kept in mind.
1. Never let your taps flow without any purpose.Taps should be closed tightly.
2. Never keep your knives in open. Keep then in a drawer. In absence of drawer keep it covered or in a glass or anything like that, and that too upside down.
3. It is very good to gift a friend with a flower, but it is best if it is of yellow color.
4. If you gift a rose, you must take care to remove all the thorns in the stem, before gifting the flower.

So, I gift you all with a yellow , thorn less rose.....
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


As festive season is going on, so here are few fengshui tips for all my friends, with a hope that it will bring health, wealth & prosperity in life of all of you. Some of them you must keep in mind are as follows -
1. Cover the sharp edges of the pillars in your hour house with plants or mirrors.
2. Suspend crystal balls in dark or narrow corners of your house.
3. Place a globe in north east direction of your house.
4. Improve your good luck by using your beneficial color.
5. Keep your kitchen always clean.
6. For money & prosperity keep a three legged frog in your house.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Diwali

I want to wish all my friends a very very happy deepawali ......Many of my friends might not be knowing that this a very big festival in India. It is a festival of light. Just like Christmas we celebrate it for many days. This time diwali is on 28 th but 3 days prior to this there are many other ceremonies. This has a gr8 importance in India as it is related to our Gods...Especially it is said that if you pray sincerely to goddess Laxmi (Goddess of wealth ) then all your wishes come true. Every house is lighted by lights and candles.People visit each other and wish evey one with good wishes. It is very similar to christmas.So I wish you all - A very happy Diwali - And pray for good health, happiness, success, fame & wealth....from &

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Here are some more important vastu and fengshui tips which will help you not only in bringing peace and harmony but will improve your health too.
1. As due to your busy schedule people are often unable to finish there work and they often carry it to their homes, which is at times necessary. But never perform any professional work in your bed room.This is not at all auspicious. You must do this work in some other room if possible.

2. You should never keep an aquarium in your bedroom.Anything related to water should be avoided in the bed room.

3. No water should be kept ,especially in the south east corner of the room. As this causes fights in the in mates of the house.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008


  I am glad that I am getting continuous support of my friends. I also wish to say thanks to all my friends for visiting my websites - & and registering in my web blog  too. I hope I will keep getting this support from you always.
Here are few fengshui tips which will be helpful to you all.

1.Keep your telephones , fax etc in the north west direction.

2. Do not decorate your toilet too much.

3. Never sit in a room with your back towards the door.

4. Improve your good luck by using your lucky colors in the room.

5. A house or a room in L shape is not auspicious.

6. Placing an aquarium in your house is auspicious.

Hope by adopting these you will increase the positive energies in your house and also
get good luck and happiness.

Friday, October 17, 2008


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Thursday, October 16, 2008


At times you might have see  that suddenly things start going wrong with  whereas all the things are as usual. We often get confused that why it is happening, unaware of the fact that maybe the planetary position in the transit might be responsible for this change or maybe this change might have been due to change of planetary position in our horoscope. Each and every planet has a different effect on different person as per the placement of the planets. This might seem bit confusing to those not having knowledge of astrology. But every planet in general has some characteristics by which you may make a wild guess if not having knowledge of astrology that it might be due to these planets. You can read in detail about each planet in my website also you can read or consult me through my website  .Here I am telling you in general about Moon.

Moon is very important planet and it plays a very important role in our life. Moon gives you a changing mood. Mood swings are often due to changes in planetary position of Moon. Often strained relations with mother are also caused by  Moon. As moon changes its place very fast and so does the things associated with moon. There are many diseases which are caused by bad placement of Moon or maybe debilitated moon,  like  depressions, nervous breakdown, insomnia etc are all related to Moon.Besides there are many other diseases also. For more visit my website and read about all the planets in the Astrology section as "planetary effect" . Also read in my web blog

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Festivals are time to celebrate and everyone wants some or the other change in the decorations of their home to give their home a festive look. Here are are some simple tips to give your home a new look.

1. Change the color of your walls which will give a new look to your home. It will change the monotony. You can use bright colors with a mixture of light colors on different walls. This will definitely brighten your house and bring harmony.

2. Change the old hung painting. Replace it with a new one. If that is not possible then change the place where it is hung. this will give a different look to the house.

3. Change the colors of cushions and curtains etc. This will give a new look. If the colors of the wall's. If you choose light colors for your walls then use bright colors for curtains and furnishings.

4. You can also choose a mono theme for a room, but keep in mind that the colors you choose are as per vastu and bring in positive energy in the house. As usually these types of rooms do not have balance of positive and negative energies if both shades of dark and light colors are not used in these rooms.

5. Using fresh flowers and plants inside the room enhances the positive energies. So try using them inside the house. You can place them as per your room.

6. Throw away all the old unused junk as that will not only bring positive energy, but will also bring happiness in the house. If lot of things are lying unused and are in good condition then give it to someone needy. This will not only help that person but will also increase your wealth....As there is a saying that if you donate one coin you will get two......So donating things and money is very good for everyone. You can do this all over the year.

7. You can also re paint the old stuff and give it a new look

In this festive season I wish all my friends health, wealth and happiness......

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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Here are some important tips which you must always keep in your mind while choosing an accommodation for yourself, failing which one can face very bad effects.To bring prosperity and good luck check the following things-

1. Three or four doors should never be in a straight line, as per fengshui also this is considered to bring bad chi.
2. Kitchen should never be in north or north east direction.As per vastu this is a place where water should be kept so if fire is kept in this place it will not only bring bad luck but there will be loss of  money also.
3. Kitchen should not be near the entrance.
4. No corner of the house should be missing.Always take care of this.
5. There should be bright light at the entrance. It brings yang energy that is positive energy, as per fengshui.
6. You must leave the light on at the entrance during evening time this brings wealth and prosperity.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008


Few important vastu tips are as follows-
1. The main source of water should always be towards north or north- east.
2. Never keep any fire or electric item on this direction.
3.Fire should always be in south east direction.
4. The children s bedroom should always be in north west direction.
5. The master bedroom should always be in the south west direction of your house.
6. Center of the house should be kept empty or as much light as possible.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

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