Thursday, October 16, 2008


At times you might have see  that suddenly things start going wrong with  whereas all the things are as usual. We often get confused that why it is happening, unaware of the fact that maybe the planetary position in the transit might be responsible for this change or maybe this change might have been due to change of planetary position in our horoscope. Each and every planet has a different effect on different person as per the placement of the planets. This might seem bit confusing to those not having knowledge of astrology. But every planet in general has some characteristics by which you may make a wild guess if not having knowledge of astrology that it might be due to these planets. You can read in detail about each planet in my website also you can read or consult me through my website  .Here I am telling you in general about Moon.

Moon is very important planet and it plays a very important role in our life. Moon gives you a changing mood. Mood swings are often due to changes in planetary position of Moon. Often strained relations with mother are also caused by  Moon. As moon changes its place very fast and so does the things associated with moon. There are many diseases which are caused by bad placement of Moon or maybe debilitated moon,  like  depressions, nervous breakdown, insomnia etc are all related to Moon.Besides there are many other diseases also. For more visit my website and read about all the planets in the Astrology section as "planetary effect" . Also read in my web blog


mary alice gerken said...

We have a full moon right now. Love the glow in my bedroom, or at least when our skies stay clear enough to see the moon. Living 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean many times the fog or mist covers our skies where I live.

RituBala-Astrologer Vastu Consultant said...

Its beautiful to see the full moon, but you must be aware of the tides that this moon you see it is good for someone but bad for some.

R.K Singh said...

Yes, Moon also makes a person lunatic too. ....Thanks for the information


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