Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Festivals are time to celebrate and everyone wants some or the other change in the decorations of their home to give their home a festive look. Here are are some simple tips to give your home a new look.

1. Change the color of your walls which will give a new look to your home. It will change the monotony. You can use bright colors with a mixture of light colors on different walls. This will definitely brighten your house and bring harmony.

2. Change the old hung painting. Replace it with a new one. If that is not possible then change the place where it is hung. this will give a different look to the house.

3. Change the colors of cushions and curtains etc. This will give a new look. If the colors of the wall's. If you choose light colors for your walls then use bright colors for curtains and furnishings.

4. You can also choose a mono theme for a room, but keep in mind that the colors you choose are as per vastu and bring in positive energy in the house. As usually these types of rooms do not have balance of positive and negative energies if both shades of dark and light colors are not used in these rooms.

5. Using fresh flowers and plants inside the room enhances the positive energies. So try using them inside the house. You can place them as per your room.

6. Throw away all the old unused junk as that will not only bring positive energy, but will also bring happiness in the house. If lot of things are lying unused and are in good condition then give it to someone needy. This will not only help that person but will also increase your wealth....As there is a saying that if you donate one coin you will get two......So donating things and money is very good for everyone. You can do this all over the year.

7. You can also re paint the old stuff and give it a new look

In this festive season I wish all my friends health, wealth and happiness......

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R.K Singh said...

Good tips....Keep posting....thanks

RituBala-Astrologer Vastu Consultant said...

Thanks raj, read my latest fengshui tips....u may like it


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