Sunday, May 30, 2010


Here I am again giving some more vastu tips for your home, which will help you to bring in positive energy in your house and if they are followed as far as possible will bring in prosperity in your home. They are as follows -

1.   As a part of Vastu advice, it is considered good to place a water body at the corner in the northeast direction of the house.

2.    For constructing a plot, the best directions are South, west and southwest.

3.    Vastu remedies suggest that the construction should be done in such a manner that there is more of open space in Northern and Eastern directions.

4.    The designing of the house should be done keeping in mind that it must provide for ample space for cross ventilation and sunlight.

5.    No trees are recommended in the north, east or northeast direction. If you still want to grow plants here, then only opt for small plants.

6.    Plant trees taking care that their shadow does not fall on the house.

7.    Any photo that depicts violence in any form should not be placed in the house.

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Monday, May 24, 2010


Vastu as you all know plays a very important role

 in our life. We might be facing many problems

 without knowing the reason. In today's time when

 computers are part of our life we must know that

 which all things should be kept in mind while

 working on computer. More tips you can read in

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Vastu tips are beneficial for our health also.If

 vastu principles are followed properly, then we

 can see a positive change in our health too. here

 I am telling few vastu tips which me must keep in

 our mind while working on computers. We must

 take care of following things, which will not only

 help us in taking care of our health but also

 remove the negative energy. More tips I will be

 giving later- 

1. Always while working on computers or even

 while watching television, make sure that there is

 plenty of natural light in the room. So that it

 dilutes the light energy which comes from the

 computer screen. But if natural lighting is not 

possible, or if the computer is being used at night,

then the use of full spectrum light bulbs should be


2. As we know that plants produce negative ions.

 Computers produce positive ions. So the energy

 which promotes greater mental clarity gets

 affected. By having living plants in the room

 especially near the computer will help in

 neutralizing the positive ions produced by the


3.Place an amethyst crystal (size is not important)

 on top of the computer or monitor or near the

 computer.The Amethyst Crystal helps in re-

directing the energy of the computer away from


4. Move your eyes in and around the room in

 between , to relax your eyes.To know more

 about vastu, astrology and other related topics

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Friday, May 7, 2010


Dear friends, as you all know someone else had been posting from my blog regarding earning money or travel etc.Please ignore all such posts.  Though I am not able to sort out that problem but hope to do it soon. Thanks for bearing with me.
Here are some tips of vastu for making temple or place of worship at home.While making temple in home, keep these important points in mind which are mentioned below:

1.         Place of worship should always be  in North-East direction. If not possible then at the             centre of the house.

2.         Size of Idol in the temple or place of worship should not be more than 5-6 inch.

3.        While offering prayer keep your face towards East or North direction.

4.         Don't make worship-place in close wardrobe.

5.        Don't make worship-place near to the toilet.

6.         Never built temple below the stairs.

7.         In home, don't built temple near the main entrance.This should be avoided.

8.         Don't make temple in the couples  or master bedroom.Though bedroom should be                   avoided but if necessary make it in children's room .

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