Thursday, February 26, 2009


Fengshu, Vastu and bathroom

A bathroom, is a place where one gets refreshed....all the tiredness wades away. Every morning before starting the days work one takes a shower to relax  his or herself.  And similarly after a hectic and tiresome day one takes a bath to relax at night. So bathroom holds a special place in our house.

    Colors for bathroom

A soothing color refreshes our body and mind and adds to the grace of bathroom. Stimulating color schemes like blue, orange turn your bath into rapture. So  use colors accordingly and also see that, that particular color is lucky for you and your family or not.

Bathroom is a place of recreation rather than a simply being a pace to bathe.

A well decorated bathroom adds to the pleasure of having bath. A nicely adorned bathroom lets you enjoy real bath and refreshes your body and mind to work for the day.So it should be kept neatly.

    Bathroom Lights

Bathroom lighting enlightens your bathroom as well as your mood. Proper lighting in bathroom creates the desired effect as you always want. A well lit bathroom looks simply great and ensures your safety too. Though these days lot of other types of lights are also being used in the bathrooms which at night gives an effect of stars.....So choose the lights as per your requirement. The thing that u must keep in mind as per vastu is that you should not have the electrical point in the north or the north east side. It is best to have it on the south east part of your bath room.


Water tap s or showers should preferably be in the north direction and if not then in north east direction. It should never be towards the south east direction.

These are few important things that u must keep in mind while planning your bathroom. Enjoy a relaxing bath....

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Need your help....

Can anyone of you help me in telling me why my site is not showing the latest posting which I did few days back....I really tried whatever I knew. As I do not know much about  the settings etc...can anyone help me in solving my problem & let me know how to bring my latest posting appear in my site. Also is there any limit of posts that will appear in my site. My latest posting Fengshui and drawing room  can be seen in the blog but it is not appearing in the front page of site. Thank you for helping......Have a lovely day

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Drawing room plays an important role in our life. As soon as a guest enters the room it is the expression of this room which plays an important role in the mind of the visitor that how the people of that house live.  And as it is said that first impression is the last impression so also special care should be taken in decorating this room. It should give positive energies to all those who use this room.While decorating this room few things should be taken care of as per fengshui.

1. It must be close to the main entrance of the house.

2. The windows should open towards outside and not inside the house.

3. There must not be doors and windows behind the sofa set.

4. The drawing room should not be in irregular shape, if it is in irregular shape then a fengshui expert should be consulted to make it look like a square or rectangular room.

5. Rooms should be decorated in such a manner that it gives positive energies to the person sitting in the room. It should not be overdone.

6. Cluster of things should not be kept as they bring in negative energies.

7. Keeping in mind the direction of the drawing room things should be placed in this room.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009


All of you must have heard about the fire in Australia. Its really sad that many people have lost their lives and their has been lot of damage even to the wild life. My sincere prayers are with all those who are affected and also with the people of Australia. I saw in a news channel that this could be an act of terrorism. Its really very shameful that terrorism is seen nearly everywhere in the world. Even in Pakistan Talibanis are encroaching and many people are loosing their lives and their homes due to all this. Even in Sri Lanka the same thing is happening. I feel, when these people will understand the cost of life?
 In US also snow is taking lives of many.So you see there is disaster everywhere in the world. I might have forgotten to mention a few other places like northern part of India too is having severe snowfall. Please  don't mind if I forgot to mention some other places. My prayers for all those affected in any way may it be a natural calamity or terrorism. I know the planetary position is not very good at present and this whole month too will be full of ups and downs. Lets hope that nothing worse happens and all this stops soon
I also hope all my friends are safe. Do leave a comment about your safety and welfare.


Monday, February 9, 2009


Today there will be  lunar eclipse around 18:00hrs IST. This will last for 4 hours. This will finish at around 22:00 hrs IST. This will occur in the zodiac cancer. It will have its ill effects too. As you all know Moon plays an important role in our life. It is advised not to look at the moon during this period. If people offer special prayers during this period then it will help them in solving many of their problems. As you all have seen the effect of moon on tides, so does it play an important role in governing our mood. You can see that on full moon day some people behave in a particular manner. Many feel depressed and others feel the same on no moon day. One day u feel happy and other u feel sad without any reason. This is all because of moon. Astrologers see this change of behavior due to moon.That's why during eclipse its advised to offer special prayer to avoid the ill effect of the eclipse.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009




This month money will be important. There is a major investment that you know could generate a significant return, but you need to find the funds to invest. Be careful in your official matters, otherwise you may face problems. Romance will be a little overwhelming as someone is feeling a lot more emotionally expressive than you.


You are confident and though confidence is always a good, but it can be misleading too. Do not do anything just because you feel positive that it will work out. Your luck may not be very much with you as expected.  An advice is important this month so don’t be afraid to ask for it. A close friend may need a lot of emotional support from you especially at the beginning of this month.


Patience is the key word this month. A loved one will continue to be demanding this month and this will put a strain on your patience levels. Work or school is also proving difficult right now and what you really need is some fun. Luckily this will arrive courtesy of an old friend although you may have to wait till the end of the month. You need to take care of your health this month.


 You need to be careful this month. Though you will be in an assertive mood this month. Use this new freedom to express your true feelings about certain issues, in your key relationships. But there can be misunderstanding with the opposite sex, especially with your spouse. So deal things with patience.  Discipline is needed when it comes to money and you may need the support of a friend in this area.


Be your own self. Remember that in your relationships it is your personality and not your wallet that people are really interested in. You have being too extravagant lately and you need to cut back a little on your spending. This will help you understand who your true friends and also you will need funds for your health related problems which may occur. Be careful from your enemies as they may try to harm you.



 As emotionally, this is a very cosy month for you so you can relax. As you will be experiencing feelings of mutual contentment and understanding. However, there is a danger that you may put this at risk by continuing to focus too much on more materialistic concerns. Be careful as regarding your children. They may need extra care this month.


You should be feeling fully refreshed right now and so this is a great time for starting new projects, particularly if they have a practical element to them. Your love life is a little complicated right now and you need to make some decisions about your future even if you are reluctant to do so. Your family needs attention; otherwise there can be break ups too.


You need to take care of your younger brothers and sisters. They might need your support. Although you would never admit it, like all Scorpios you have a deeply competitive streak running through your personality. You need to keep an eye on this tendency now or it could cause problems within a friendship. Romance will be tricky as you feel emotionally distant.


Your spirits are high. Your energy levels are at their peak right now and you may be tempted to bite off more than you can comfortably chew. Don’t let yourself get pulled in too many directions right now. Focus on one thing and give it your best shot. Do not be extravagant. Also control your anger.  Romance may blossom at the end of the month.


Be careful this month. Be careful about your health. Take special precautions as regarding your health.  Your over riding concern with success in the material sense is put on hold as the planets put you in touch with your sense of fun. This is a great time for putting the passion back into a relationship. If you are single then this month will see you gaining a number of admirers. But be careful this month.


Money matters are looking very positive right now and so inevitably there is a desire to spend. However, it would be wiser to hold onto your cash until something that you really need comes along. Be careful with your money. Losses can occur. Emotionally, you are feeling a little down mid month and a friend should be able to put things right.


This is considered as the wisest zodiac of all signs. This month, though, there is a danger that you will let your own feelings get in the way of sensible decision making. Rash words at the start of the month may have repercussions later on. Income may get set backs. So be careful with your month.

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