Thursday, February 12, 2009


All of you must have heard about the fire in Australia. Its really sad that many people have lost their lives and their has been lot of damage even to the wild life. My sincere prayers are with all those who are affected and also with the people of Australia. I saw in a news channel that this could be an act of terrorism. Its really very shameful that terrorism is seen nearly everywhere in the world. Even in Pakistan Talibanis are encroaching and many people are loosing their lives and their homes due to all this. Even in Sri Lanka the same thing is happening. I feel, when these people will understand the cost of life?
 In US also snow is taking lives of many.So you see there is disaster everywhere in the world. I might have forgotten to mention a few other places like northern part of India too is having severe snowfall. Please  don't mind if I forgot to mention some other places. My prayers for all those affected in any way may it be a natural calamity or terrorism. I know the planetary position is not very good at present and this whole month too will be full of ups and downs. Lets hope that nothing worse happens and all this stops soon
I also hope all my friends are safe. Do leave a comment about your safety and welfare.



mary alice gerken said...

good Morning Ritu. Heard on TV this morning also that terrorism was suspected for the fires in Australia. They seem to have migrated to every country in the world. Well not sure about China or Russia. There is snow in the mountains in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and in Northern California. The ski lovers are in seventh heaven. But unfortunately some of the snow is unstable and there have been avalanches and lives lost. So far down in Southern California we have had rain but not enough to create floods in the desert and mountain areas. Hope you and your hubby are safe from any problems.

Milli Musings said...

Good morning Ritu. There is so much happening around the globe this is for sure. We are seeing in Australia the aftermath of tragic conditions and I am heartened to say that the aftermath as far as our people are concerned shows unity and Love and the overcoming of these ordeals. Pain will persist but human spirit is strong.
God Bless You.
Hugs ~ Milli.

Marty B said...

Hi Ritu...yes the world is in crisis and so much death and destruction going on it makes the heart hurt and tears in the eyes.
My life is going on an even keel at the moment and thank goodness for that but so much misery out there I cringe at the thought of so many folks out there dying from bombs of terrorists or mother nature doing her worst.

diane riddle said...

Saw on the news last night some of the wildlife that was injured. I think they were little koala bears their little fur was scorched. So sad

Ashutosh Datta said...

World is suffering all sides every year..We can attract peace by thinking about Peace ..lets us all talk and think and imagine talk about fighting with evil and .or terrorism

RituBala-Astrologer Vastu Consultant said...

I wish it would have been that easy to say that ...let us not talk about it, Ashutosh. Things doesn't stop just by not talking about it. I am worried about the safety of many of my friends and others too. Hope this all stops and we all will have to unite and fight against terrorism together. as far as nature is concerned, its really sad to hear about those kola bears. Hope my other friends are safe too.God keep everyone safe and healthy.And thanks Mary for your concern. We are fine here.

R.K Singh said...

Yes its really bad what ever is happening in the world. All this should stop. People must unite in this.Heard of a train crash also.

Peggy moree said...

My instincts say its only gonna get myself. I think the earth has had all she is gonna take also.I am safe so far,thanks for caring.hugs


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