Thursday, September 23, 2010


Dear friends here are few vastu tips for your toilets. But if you want any consultancy then visit or

Always keep in mind that-
1. Toilets should to be in the North-West or West of the house/building.
2. If it is an attached toilet, it should preferably be to the North-West side of the room.
3. If the West and North-West corners are not available, the next best option is the South-East of the building or room.
4. Avoid constructing a toilet in the center of the building and in the North-East corner of the building.
5. The toilet should be one or two feet higher than the ground level.
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


As we all know that everyone is facing problems in 2010 so in order to help you out from bad situations I am giving you few tips here so that you can benefit from the tips. As you all know the Chinese Feng Shui 2010 New Year (Lunar New Year) started on February 14, 2010; it is the feng shui year of the Metal Tiger. So let’s look into the beneficial 2010 feng shui areas.
First of all clear all the clutter from your house.As it brings bad chi.
Center of your home is one of the luckiest feng shui sectors in 2010 with the annual star 8, the Wealth feng shui star. Fire feng shui element colors, such as red, pink, purple, orange and yellow, are excellent in the Center feng shui area of your home or office.
Store your financial papers in the Center area in 2010. Use crystals to enhance the wealth energy, especially amethyst and rose quartz etc.
Various earthenware objects, such as, for example, terracota decor items, are good for the Center feng shui area of your home in 2010.
As the 8 star also governs relationships in 2010, be mindful about your Center representing the energy of harmony in love relationships. You can do that by using various feng shui love cures - from Mandarin ducks to modern art depicting the energy of love and romance like love birds.
If you use traditional feng shui for wealth cures then you can place the three legged toad facing towards the inside of the house or facing your lucky feng shui direction.
Avoid strong metal or wood feng shui element items here in 2010.
Hope you will keep all these tips in mind which will help you solve your problems. 
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