Thursday, January 14, 2010


As most of you must be aware that solar eclipse  will be on 15th of January this year . There will be two solar eclipse.

The first one will be on 15th Jan. Astrologically this will affect the zodiac - Capricorn. So people having this zodiac should offer prayers and donate as per their desire to nullify the effect of this eclipse.

This eclipse will be visible in Africa, Kenya, Somalia,South East Europe, Middle East,  India ,
 Sri Lanka, China and other parts of south East Asia  etc.

 This is one of the major solar eclipse which is occurring after many years and so people all over the world are curious to see it. I pray for the well being of everyone and may it be good for each one of you.
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The first solar eclipse of this year, is on 15th January 2010. This is one of the biggest solar eclipse know more read my blog, also read my latest blog on Fengshiui / Vastu tips


  In this new year I wish all the happiness for you my friends and all  those who have been visiting my blog and websites regularly. I will give them some lucky tips to bring happiness and good luck in your house.

FREE Vastu / Fengshui Tips

  • Keep elephant statue in your house as elephant is used for good fortune, it is a symbol of power to conceive a son.
  • Never keep the broom in your bedroom.
  • It is always good to keep fresh flowers in your house.
  • Metallic & pointed items should not be kept in south - east as it will bring problems in your house.
  • Never use mirrors in the bedrooms & don not sleep on bed having mirror in front as it will make u ill.
  • For Good & Sweet Relations Enrich your South West Direction by using your fengshui lucky color.
  • Never keep cactus plants inside house, it will take away peace and harmony from your house.
  • Never keep pictures, showing violence in house it will bring anger & harshness in your  behavior.

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