Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I wish to thank all my friends for sending good wishes for me and my family. I could not reply to all my friends personally and I don't want to miss any any of my friend for all their good wishes and prayers they had sent my way. I also want to thank those friends who visited my page and did not leave their marks. But even if you don't feel like leaving your marks I am thankful to all for being with me, in this festive time,where friends are equally important like family.I am glad to have you all as my friends.......
Here are some common Vastu and fengshui tips which we often ignore. But They should always be kept in mind.
1. Never let your taps flow without any purpose.Taps should be closed tightly.
2. Never keep your knives in open. Keep then in a drawer. In absence of drawer keep it covered or in a glass or anything like that, and that too upside down.
3. It is very good to gift a friend with a flower, but it is best if it is of yellow color.
4. If you gift a rose, you must take care to remove all the thorns in the stem, before gifting the flower.

So, I gift you all with a yellow , thorn less rose.....
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RituBala-Astrologer Vastu Consultant said...

I tried posting yellow flowers in every ones page but couldn't make it to all my friends, due to lack of time.....Please here..for all of you

Kathys Comments
Ritu Bala..

PeeKs K. said...

Thank you for your friendship Sis... Namaste'

RituBala-Astrologer Vastu Consultant said...

welcome, dear peek2 Namaste ...

RituBala-Astrologer Vastu Consultant said...

I also want to wish all my friends Happy Halloween.....


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