Saturday, November 22, 2008


Plants have always fascinated man. Everyone likes plants. Choices of plants may differ, but nearly everyone likes plants.

In fengshui as well as in Vastu plants play an important role. You must have seen that when you are tired if you look at the plants they give you a sense of relaxation. In the same way plants bring in positive energy in your house if they are kept at proper place and  as per Vastu & fengshui. To bring in positive energy place pots of green plants on both the sides of your  entrance door. This will certainly be very beneficial for everyone.

Also while choosing the plants you must take care not to place keep thorny plants in your house as it brings in negative energy as well as  brings in bad luck. There are many such plants which you should not plant in your house. For details you can contact me also through my website & www.astrofutureinsight. Now you can also contact me through your gprs mobile, by just typing www.ritubalaastrology/mob

 Also,  there is an appeal to  everyone who can donate for helping the poor and needy ....please donate to help them. As winters are approaching and its cold outside.Many people sleep on streets without clothes. Recently we organised a camp and distributed clothes to them. But this is not enough, as we want to do lot more and this is very little.  We want to distribute blankets and  clothes for winters. So even a single dollar will be of great help for them. Extend your hand for help.......


Kat ~ said...

That's the problem in my house.....No plants. I always kill them unintentionally.

PeeKs K. said...

I love plants, however, I'm not made for keeping them pent up in the house... I honestly think that they need to be out of the house so they may have fresh air, sunlight, rain [when it comes], and be able to let thier little "feet" stretch out if they want. It's a shame to keep them cooped up in a small pot for all thier lives... I can talk to them and love them outside as well as inside.... Even my mother keeps her Bonsai outside...:-)

RituBala-Astrologer Vastu Consultant said...

Its not that you should have plants only in pots. If you have space to grow then you should have plants there. But for those living in apartments and do not have enough space to grow, should have them in pots. Everyone is not as lucky as you to have a big garden. It is for them to have them in pots.

RituBala-Astrologer Vastu Consultant said...

Gardenias,.... you must take care of plants and if you place them at the enterance that will be very good


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