Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dreams Prediction

We often see a dreams. At times we feel happy after seeing a particular dream, but on the other hand we sometimes get up in anxiety and are worried about certain things. Many times dreams are result of our preconceived notion. But it is found that they often are indications of what will happen in future. All we need to know is what is the meaning of these dreams.Lot of research is done in this field.Astrologers have found that viewing following things in your dreams mean -

1. Angels -viewing angles  means protection from harm.

2. Army-An overpowering force indicates that you feel you are on your own and against all others. You are outnumbered and feel pressured

-Indicates issues of control and restraint. Some aspect of yourself may have been prevented from fully developing. Alternatively, it may represent feelings of guilt.

4.Accident- If you had dream about an accident, it is a warning to pay due attention to a certain situation in your real life before it gets out of control.

5.Achievement-Dreaming of an achievement, denotes that you will be greatly satisfied with the outcome of a situation or project work in your hand. The bigger the achievement, the greater satisfaction.

These are interpretation of few of the dreams.To know more about dreams visit my website - and by
Ritu Bala
Astrologer and Vastu consultant
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Austin Falcione said...

if this is true i will have a sucessfull life hehehe thanks for sharing that

RituBala-Astrologer Vastu Consultant said...

Try It I am sure u will if u hv seen something of this sort


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