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If you are facing financial problems,or if you have borrowed money from someone then do the following things.

First check your north portion. kitchen should never be in this portion of your house otherwise you will face lot of financial problems. 

Secondly check your south east direction. Avoid water points or any type of storage of water in this area. 

Thirdly, early in the morning after getting up give at least one handful of rise uncooked, to the birds, soon it will give you relief from the burden. Also on every amavasya or no moon day donate rice, sugar and eatables to feed at least one mouth. This will help you soon to get rid of your financial problem. 

 Place a plant of tulsi (basil) to avoid negative energies from entering into your house. This is also very effective in bringing positive energy in your house. So one must plant this in your house and keep it at the entrance.

 In order to get positive chi it is important to remove the clutter from your house, for good health of the inmates. .It is especially important to remove clutter from the center of your house. As all the areas of work are related to your health so it is very important that we keep the center of the hose, which is the heart, clean and clutter free.Though whole house should be clean and clutter free. 

Energize the south east portion of your house, by burning a lamp every evening. Place items related to money luck in this direction.
Take care of vastu of your house. If vastu is wrong then also you will face problems. 

Also check that your taps do not leak. As it leads to financial loss. So take care of all the above things. 

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