Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Gemini is the third Zodiac sign. It is ruled by Mercury.They are very intelligent persons. They have good communicating skills and can do multitasks at the same time.They are of jovial nature. But it is this which at times bring them in trouble.They get carried away with their own talks.
Carrier wise they take up intellectual ones.They are best at academics, good managers, photographers and designers.
 They are good business persons. They can save money if needed.But at times loose their touch with practical things.
 Gemini rules the shoulder,arms , fingers, lungs and upper ribs.So one must take care of these parts of the body.
The gemstone that is recommended for them is Emerald. It is worn in the smallest finger.But it should not be worn without the consultation of an astrologer as it can harm if not recommended by an astrologer.

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mary alice gerken said...

Good morning Ritu. So good to see you posting again. Was glad to hear where you are now is peaceful.

Fire Coo said...

hello..i am a gemini myself and..i know most of that is said is true.. :)
each day we strive to be better as always..

Kat ~ said...

Your page is lovely! Yep this description fits me. Thanks for posting.

Heather Gill said...

Hi dear Ritu,
Thank you for this posting about Gemini and Gemstones and some of what i read here is true about myself being one .I find your post most interesting my friend.
Have a lovely day,
Warm Hugs ,
Heather xo

RituBala-Astrologer Vastu Consultant said...

thanks dear friends I am glad u all liked it.

RituBala-Astrologer Vastu Consultant said...

Thanks heather, about liking my posts. You can read more stuff in my website


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