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Gemini,which is also known as Mithuan .Its Ascendant  lord is Mercury.The Gemstone for mercury is Emerald.Emerald is green in color. Mercury is related to our mind.It is also related to our communication power. By wearing Emerald we can increase our communication skills. It also increases our commitment and faithfulness. Mercury is related to our brain, therefore by wearing Emerald, can improve our memory.It sharpens the intellect.

Gems generate constructive vibrations in the body. This helps to counter the negative malefic powers released by the planets. When a specific gem,in this case, Emerald, is worn, it brings positive energy and provides a protective aura for the wearer.

But before wearing a gemstone one must consult an astrologer as these gemstones also have a negative effect. One must make sure that it suits the wearer. For more visit my websites or


Milli Musings said...

I do not own any emeralds even though I am a May born Gemini. I love them though.
Thanks for your information Ritu.

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connie ? said...

i am a saggetarious ...but every gem i wear is a emerald!

Kellie Billings-Tan said...

I am a Gemini (6/17/56) and used to have an emerald ring, but didn't like to look of the green, so had the stone switched for a sapphire and diamond. In white gold...looks nice...~K~

RituBala-Astrologer Vastu Consultant said...

Kellie,here by Gemini I mean those having moon sign as Gemini. This is different for each individual. Though your zodiac may be gemini, but it is not necessary that your moon sign will be Gemini.In fact I want to make this very clear to all my friends. Please visit my website, link given above, and read astrology and zodiac section to have a clear idea of moon sign. Here u all are talking about sun sign and not moon sign.

Kitten Britches said...

Emeralds are beautiful and I long to own one but I am an Aries and wonder of the wisdom olf owning one.


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