Friday, September 19, 2008


Often we keep things in our without knowing where it should be kept and why. Fengshui & Vastu both have scientific reasons and they have a proper place where it should be kept.At times we keep things simply because we like them.But if these things are kept in proper direction and properly they certainly bring good luck and good health.Though earlier also I have given many tips but as many new friends also keep joining so I might repeat some of the tips for them.

1. Fish tanks are often kept at home for to increase the wealth.It is not simply water, but movement of the fishes which helps in improving the positive energy and generates wealth.So if we have a fish tank we must always try and keep at least one golden fish in it.

2. Mirror should not be kept in the it causes ill -health. So mirrors should be avoided in the bedroom. But if you have to use them then they should be so kept that your reflection does not fall in it while sleeping.

3. Toilets should not be located in the centre of the house or on north- east direction. They should be kept clean and the doors should always remain closed.

4. Never present anyone a rose with thorns.Remove the thorns before presenting it to anyone.

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mary alice gerken said...

fengshui would have a ball in my house. My walls, except living room, are covered with pictures from calendars of animals, mostly wolves, some signed photos from those groups they belong to. My bedroom has sliding mirrored closet doors and a bureau with mirror. Blessed them before moving in. My living room has all my collectables which includes crystal dragons from Franklin Mint, cats from Lenox, other things I have collected through the years, Indian figurines in my hutch with my good stem ware, my happy gargoyle hung on the wall. My bust of Neferetti that I hand painted is on my organ so you can see i am surrounded by those nick nacks that I love and are as much a part of me as the love that is instilled in the house from my departed husband.

RituBala-Astrologer Vastu Consultant said...

Thanks for visiting my blog friend

vikram vyas said...

I have aquarium in aqua alwara fish in is good or not?

RituBala-Astrologer Vastu Consultant said...

If you keep a kak fish and golden fishes it is good.


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